About us

Who we are

The National Investment Platform Ethiopia has the potential to play a vital role in driving economic growth and creating jobs in Ethiopia. By focusing on building a strong foundation, achieving early traction, and continuously adapting and innovating, NIPE can become a leading force in the Ethiopian investment landscape

Founding and History

Seven diversely oriented Ethiopians came together to develop the National Investors Platform Ethiopia because they recognized the need for a platform that would facilitate investment and promote progress in Ethiopia. Its mission is to advance sustainable economic growth and development within Ethiopia’s investment sector. It was founded and registered as a local nongovernmental organization in November 2023. 

Our mission

 NIPE is dedicated to fostering the expansion and advancement of businesses in Ethiopia through multifaceted investment support and market linkage services. Our goal is to cultivate a conducive investment environment that stimulates economic growth and development in the nation.

our vision

We envision empowered and globally competitive enterprises across Ethiopia as the cornerstone of a thriving economy. These enterprises not only drive individual success but also contribute to the overall economic prosperity and well-being of the country. 

Our Core Values

Integrity: Upholding the highest ethical standards in all interactions with businesses, policymakers, and stakeholders. This includes being transparent about our operations, decision-making processes, and financial information.

Empowerment: Providing businesses with the tools and knowledge they need to achieve their full potential, including open and honest communication to build trust and understanding.

Inclusiveness: Ensuring that all Ethiopian businesses, regardless of size, sector, or location, have access to NIPE’s services. This requires transparency in our eligibility criteria, application processes, and service delivery.

Impact: Measuring and maximizing the positive social, economic, and environmental impact of NIPE’s work, and being transparent about our results and achievements, both successes and challenges.


Collaboration: Building strong partnerships with government, private sector, and civil society to create a supportive ecosystem for Ethiopian businesses.

Innovation: Continuously adapting and developing new services to meet evolving needs.

Transparency: Operating with openness and accountability, making information accessible to stakeholders, and being honest and forthright in all communications.

Our Partners